Wednesday, May 21, 2014

recent work

Sugden & Daughters as the name suggests is a family affair based in Northamptonshire. Owned by Mark & Louisa Sugden,  a husband and wife team; passionate about bringing beautiful, well crafted items into your home and garden. Louisa contacted me about designing and printing an exclusive letterpress print for their shop using this fabulous quote, one that encouraged them to set up their business so is close to S&D's hearts. Like me, they too are passionate about up-cycling, hand crafted items and have a love of old things that have a history and a story to tell.
It was a joy to work with them and I love how the print turned out, helps being on the same wavelength! Such a good quote to live by don't you think?
The print is available to buy exclusively at their Barn Shop and

If you would like to commission your own set of letterpress prints for your business, please contact me via


  1. I haven't been here for ages, everything looks amazing, you are doing so much beautiful work. Well done. Saying hellloooooooo {*}

    1. helloooo! ;-) Long time no see so to speak, keeping forgetting to post on the blog - easier to do instagram these days.. Thank you! and hope you are well mi dear ;-) x

  2. Working with you has been an absolute please too Jacqui. I can't wait to product the next print.

  3. Think it should be "earn more and want less." :-)


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