Thursday, August 19, 2010

I'm feeling all nostalgic (hence the retro photographic effects) after my visit to Poole in Dorset especially after lashings of Ginger Beer at the Ginger Pop Shop which celebrates the golden age of childhood. I was brought up reading Enid Blyton, my favoutrie being the Famous Five series so it was fascinating to explore islands and places in dorset that had inspired these intrepid adventures.
A lovely boat trip to the  Brownsea Island belonging to the national trust aboard a 1930s yacht, where I introduced the boys to a cream tea, just an excuse for me to have one really!

Lots of visits to the Jurassic Coast hunting for fossils and crabs in the rock pools, I love this bucket tree I spotted at Lulworth Cove 
Lots of messing about on the river Frome, Wareham, where I discovered I can't drive a motor boat when I got the boat stuck in the bull rushes and had to get us out with an oar ;o)
We had one very wet day so I was shanghaied into visiting the tank museum, yawn ;O
I was more interested in taking pictures of typography on the tanks and playing dress up with Kyle, kind of reminds me of this British classic ;o)
Boy am I showing my age ;o) you can see more pics on my flickr


  1. ooh betty they should put frank back on the tele!!
    ooh cream teas & lulworth cove the bucket tree & the boat trip sounded like lots of fun, glad you managed to get unstuck!

  2. ;o) ha ha yeh they should bring frank back so funny!

  3. Did you know about the huge enid blyton auction in Ilkley?
    You should go, it's not that far from you


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