Saturday, June 13, 2015

father's day

Following in the footsteps of my new Mums are like stars card, I've created a new card for Dad using the same thick and lovely speckled cardstock. Just in time for Father's Day!
I thank my lucky stars for the good taste my mother had!
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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Pressing On - The Letterpress Film

Dave's right it's disease haha but a nice one! Mine's spread from my backroom to a mill.
Only 4 days to go and they are almost there, I've backed this project have you? - Pressing On, The Letterpress Film

Sunday, April 26, 2015

new wood table numbers

Reading through some old letterpress type specimen books I came across some Bookmakers Numbers, had to find a use for them!
New in the shop - Rustic Wood Wedding Table Numbers available buy unfinished here or in a choice of hand waxed finishesPerfect for a rustic, country, woodland or a boho wedding!
They are getting lots of love on Etsy after being featured in EtsyFinds! Yeh!

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

new card for mother's day

New Mother's Day card in the shop, silver ink printed letterpress on some super thick recycled charcoal board which was rather more speckled than normal!
You can also get a Love♡Letters© card personalised to say what you want or there's my marvellous mum one!
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Saturday, February 07, 2015

my funny valentine

Hey I'm so last minute for Valentine’s Day, only a week to go. At least I'm a year early for next year!
I had a play at hand lettering the word love and hello while ago (7 months!) where does time go! I'd forgot all about them, so I thought refined it in illustrator as a vector, see I was trying to be organised! Letterpress impression works best when's there's room to breath and I just could find a font that I was happy with, pleased how this turned out! So this was a little last minute and I'd had enough of mushy love and felt like a laugh, well I think it's funny ;)
I also loved how it printed as a blind de-boss (no ink) so I went into refined and elegant mode too! A woman of many faces!
There’s a list of things I could put after Love you...
...even though you pick your nose
...wear big gigantic knickers
got any you could add for a laugh? (go on give me a giggle haha) If you make me laugh I'll send you a card in the post!
Now for sale from any my online shops ETSY,  NOTHS or FOLKSY

new letterpress card for Valentine's

a new letterpress card in the shop, printed on thick 450g cotton letterpress board
For a limited time envelopes are available lined in paper designed by Elizabeth Friedlander  for Curwen press. And I mean for a limited time as I didn't realise when I bought this paper that it was original and Curwen Press no longer exists!
Available to buy online form ETSY  or FOLKSY

A few good reads regarding Curwen Press and eye magazine
JPP Papers have a limited supply or original patterned papers.
There's also a beautiful book New Borders: The Working Life of Elizabeth Friedlander printed by Incline Press
I was suppose to be printing my own pattered paper, time to get those ready for next year!

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