Saturday, November 28, 2009

Go Penguins!

Some exciting news! I did a 3 week placement over the summer at NWDA and while I was there they asked me to design penguins representing areas of the North West for the GO PENGUINS Winter Trail in Liverpool. Well I haven't drawn anything for years but they loved my concepts so much they decided to move them to a more prominent location, outside the Echo Arena, and last Friday I was invited to the launch party which was great fun to see my concepts painted by the artists and the fact that the penguins where highlighting Global Warming made it even better!
You can download the Winters Trail map here
Liverpool is being transformed into a magical winter wonderland this Christmas.  Prepare to be amazed by sparkling lights, street theatre, enchanting window displays, music, arts and entertainment.  And then there’s the small matter of Liverpool being taken over by penguins.
So I thought I'd share my concepts with you and and say thankyou to the artist for their wonderful interpretations of my scribbles. if you get to Liverpool send me a picture if you meet my penguins :)

I am the Walrus:  ARTIST Anna Benson, concept by Jacqui Sharples
Representing Liverpool.
Inspired by the Beatles song ‘I am a Walrus’ in which John Lennon took inspiration from ‘The Walrus and the Carpenter’ from Alice in Wonderland.
The Walrus is taking the penguins on a Magical Mystery Tour!

Peter Waddle: ARTIST Rosalind J. Hargreaves, concept by Jacqui Sharples
Representing Cumbria.
My inspiration came from Beatrix Potter who’s stories and illustrations where inspired by the the natural beauty of the Lake District. She was also an advocate for the National Trust with environmental issues being close to her heart so it is only fitting that she should represent a Penguin for Cumbria

Cheshire Cat: Artist Candida Boyes, concept by Jacqui Sharples
Representing Cheshire.
The Cheshire Cat, a ficticious character in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland was written by Lewis Carroll who’s home county was Cheshire. There’s plenty to smile about in Cheshire not just for the fabulous blooms but its wonderful history, architcture not forgetting the fabulous shops.

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