Thursday, March 11, 2010


I'm soooo bogged down with projects for uni and freelance at the moments I haven't had the time to print :(
My blog posts may get a little erratic over the next few weeks, and at some point I WILL be able to see a light at the end of the tunnel!
Meanwhile came across a wonderful magazine the other day called SALVAGE in the campus library and found these great crafty pdf instructions on their site, just click on pics to download...

Great idea for wrapping...
Easter chicks... is is that time of year already!

Easy book binding...

Lots more lovely projects too here, the wrapping with cloth is a Japanese idea originally but I can't remember what its called, any ideas?


  1. hi there - the technique is called furoshiki - there is a website furoshiki. com that I've been into before for technqiues but it's down at the mo. I LOVE your blog. I just returned to college and started print making and I'm hooked. Currently working on an assignment over Easter and we have to complete a project book so i found you whilst doing some research online :o) Michelle

  2. Thanks Michelle!!
    Yeh! site is up bookmarked :)

    Look forward to see what you print by the way the cottage, cats & chickens sounds like heaven to me :) I need a barn to store all my printing presses!


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