Friday, March 26, 2010

Soap Packaging

One of my favourite live briefs on my design course this year, to design packaging for a local company selling handmade soap SOAPURE, this is part of my business studies and the winning design will get some prize money! So wish me luck :)
The packaging had to be design so it could be cost effective and printed from a home computer so I couldn't go crazy and make it too complicated, this is an extract from my design report (which I hate writing :)
A brand identity has been created that not only reflects the quality hand made products and natural ingredients but will provide uniformity from the packaging through to the website.
Inspired by the organic patterns of William Morris, hand rendered illustrations of the ingredients used throughout the range create an organic pattern. A hand drawn typeface was chosen to compliment the freshness and natural ingredients. The hand rendered elements not only reflect the natural ingredients but evoke the hand made aspects and provide a unique identity and through the simple change of a background colour each product can be easily identified.
All the materials used are eco friendly and sourced locally, the typeface is the lovely organic Phaeton, I love making things especially when it's for a fellow crafter ;)
My favourite is the large pillow box for wrapping, which do you like best or maybe you think it's not posh enough...


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