Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Car Booty

Over the glorious Bank Holiday weekend I decided to visit my local car boat very early hoping to find some wood letters to add to my collection, but couldn't believe my luck when I found these two original playbills from the Theatre Royal Portsmouth from 1862 and 1865, to top it off they were an absolute bargain! 145 year old letterpress I'm a such a lucky girl :)
Okay you're thinking what's this next lot of garbage, well the wood crate will look so nice with some herbs growing in it, plus it's has vintage typography - I'm such a sucker :) and it was only a couple of quid!
The two metal drawers, 20p for both, are for a project to make a storage unit I posted here. With a good clean and some lovely labels they will look great, honest :)


  1. corr you did do well!! love the wooden crate for growing your herbs in ;0)

  2. Bargains are the best! Best buy some herbs now ;0

  3. Oh my god. These posters are the best!!!

  4. Bloody hell - that lot would go for a tenner in brighton!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. John - one of the good points about living in Lancashire. Suppose it makes up for the wet weather ;D


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