Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Meet the super talented duo Sylvia and Daniel Janssen, two designers from Hamburg, Germany who love to use traditional craft skills. I love Daniel's original copperplate engravings that have a scientific edge, it was so difficult to pick a favourite, check out his etsy shop here to learn more about his technique of this dying craft. I feel an urge to spend some of my pennies from santa!
“...we used the almost forgotten and very elaborate technique of enamel: powdered glass is melted at 850 degrees celsius. Enamel has a very unique surface and a lovely one of a kind look. We create enamel charms for bracelets and necklaces. 877 - the name of our label - is the color number of silver in the Pantone Color System and expresses the link between our graphical work and our jewelry work.”
You can find Sylvia etsy shop 877 here, where I have my eye on a lovely ampersand charm...

...and if that isn't enough talent, Daniel set up a letterpress project at the Museum of Work in Hamburg, which you can read about here, he also created some missing letters for flowers & fleurons.
Together they run the  graphic and type design studio bfgjanssen, I'm particularly fond of the typeface Emily

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  1. what lovely finds! loving those bracelets :D


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