Friday, January 14, 2011

vintage numbering machine

Recent bargain find, only £2, so was worth a try. I finally managed to work out how to use it, alas no instructions, bought some special ink for metal stamps and voila! I've since turned the felt ink pad around and it prints better now since the photo was taken, but I like the fact it sometime it misses bits!
Now am I'm meant to clean it after each use, maybe I should take the ink pad attachment off and seal it, anybody know please let me know... suppose I should have asked them where I got the ink from but they might have tried to flog me a new one for £49!
Thought I might number my print editions with it, while I find a use it can sit pretty on my desk!


  1. I LOVE that & the box is nice too...I have no idea how to clean them properly but I used baby wipes to clean my rubber stamps properly and my typewriter keys and they came up like new.

  2. oh thank you for sharing ... now i learned i need a "paginier-stempel" :)

    all the best

  3. What a great find! fab idea to number your prints with it!

  4. sweet find! I've also got one of these but the ink is all dried up and have resorted to use an ink stamp pad. it's not as good, but the font is just too good not to show off!

  5. @lou simon helped me yeh I don't have to clean it ;)

    @rike thank you for stopping by - it's lovely to meet new creative people with beautiful blogs ;)

    @ lisa I do love a bargain - I'll give it a try thanks ;)

    @tanya mine had dried up too! but came to life with new ink and lots of stamping to rejuvenate the pad, fun too ;)


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