Saturday, February 26, 2011

new press

Stephenson & Blake Proofing Press
A new proofing press to add to my collection from No.18 also got a huge inking roller and very old inking stone and some wood type which I've yet to clean and find a home for.
This means I'll be able to experiment more with the wood type at home when ever inspiration comes to me, saves me having to travel to the workshop. Now I'm wondering whether to find a new home for my Adana QFB or shall I keep it?


  1. this is a great addition! you're going to have lots of fun printing wood type on it!

  2. i know, can't wait to play ;o) No grippers but want to do some colour overlays that don't require spot on registration.

  3. Nice addition! I'm curious about new works.

  4. so am I Armina, no real ideas just want to play and see what happens ;)

  5. oh the qfb def needs a new home the poor thing will feel very left out - i can adopt if it helps ;-) can't wait to see the results from the new one.


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