Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Paris to Milan

I was having one of those days with a to do list where I didn't know where to start! So I did something NOT on my to do list. Crazy! Screen-printing ink arrived so I thought I'd test it out on wood type on the new proofing press, but alas it dries too quick to do a large amount of wood type all at once so went back to my normal ink and proofed some on some bags which fit the press perfectly. I'm a little worried about wearing my type down by printing on fabric so I did a light impression with hard packing but I like the worn look. I also love the texture and colour of Gmund Bier paper...

Not all was lost, the bags will be a great addition to an up coming craft fair and I've also listed them in my Folksy and Etsy shops.
Having tonnes of wood type in cases I forget what I've got, so I think I'll continue this on the big proofing press, adding more cities and using all my wood type until I get an incredibly long poster, will look amazing on the studio wall. I can also label the cases to match!
I've been to London, Dublin, Edinburgh, Berlin and New York, would love to go to Paris! Which amazing cities are on your to visit list?
Now to crack that to do list...


  1. LOVE this! Perfect font choices. Nice to print on fabric (only once in a while, though!).

  2. thanks Tanya, wasn't sure about the Milan type but it's the nearest I had. If I do anymore names I'll be a little limited with my type choice but that's the fun ;o)

  3. Looks great hon!... will there be any spare for May?! x sara

  4. That letter "A" in Milan makes me crazy.

  5. They look great, I love the texture on that paper too, lovely! Have you tries adding a screen printing medium to the ink, thats what I do, it slows down the trying process so the ink doesn't dry in the screen? I use Rowney system 3 acrylics then add the medium, might be worth a try?.... if your list will allow!:)

  6. Thanks Lisa
    I used Permaset Aqua which already has the medium added and was a nightmare to roll, slippery sucker :D
    I was going to get some system 3 but no medium in the shop but will give it a try!


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