Friday, May 20, 2011

new logos

This is for part of my Final major Project at uni, logos for each section of a website, I've drawn then in illustrator then grunged them in Photoshop to resemble the original manicule (pointing hand ;o), the hat needs some more work as the lines too thick but it one of my faves, love the idea that it can be used on packaging too. I love the black coated brown paper bags so much I'm going to package sets of letterpress cards in them for the shop.
Weddings! Well it is an option I have been considering for a while and just never had the time to finish some designs I've been working on, hot foiling, die cutting got all the equipment just need more time, wish it grew on trees!
Better get back to designing a website, not an easy job when the logo has to change for each section will need help getting it up and running if the design goes ahead, coding makes my brain turn to mush ;D
What do you think and can you guess what the other 4 sections are?


  1. Love them ermmmm let me see...the purse is for the shop
    the megaphone is for news (?) and the phone (my favourite) is for contact. But I don't know what the big top is for? Maybe Home?
    They look stunning..fantastic logos.

  2. Thanks Lou x
    answers to follow... ;o)

  3. oooo, love them all, but think that carousel and pointing finger are my favourites! :D fabulouso! x

  4. Love love! The packaging is pure class. And love the brown/black paper bags - where did you get them from? x

  5. fairs and exhibitions?
    your labels look fab with those bags - really smart

  6. thanks for great comments feel like I'm heading in the right direction really appreciate it ladies hate designing stuff for myself ;o)
    N&B can get them lots of places, but got mine here
    better quality than I thought they would be!
    Lou you were spot on except for the tent Alison you hit the nail on the head ;D ->Events!
    jax x

  7. Great variations on your logo design - look forward to seeing the website - have fun with the coding ;o)

  8. Ian do you want a job ;o)

  9. its not CSS code is it ? I've never really got into crafting CSS by hand. Good luck !

  10. think it will have to be, the logo on the home page will have to change for each section just to make life hard work! So doing it in wordpress is out of the question?

  11. Hmmm - thats tricky - a lot of website services including Wordpress assume by default that you will have only one logo that will appear at the top of each page you add to your website. The only easy way I can think of is to make the top section of your website small to just show the text links to each page (Home, About, Contact etc.) and bring your logo down into your page content section so you can apply a different logo image to each page. Other than that it could be some tricky coding !

  12. thank you ;D @weloeveletterpress

    @Ian - that's the trouble with any of the template based sites, no problem in CSS code I've been told, but then I going to have to get someone to do it for me! At least in Wordpress I know I could control the contents easier by doing it myself. It doesn't have to be designed like this in the end, it's for my final major project so you don't have to actually build it. Would be nice if it could though!


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