Friday, July 15, 2011

letterpress wedding invites

Work in progress, some designs for letterpress wedding invitations based on my love for vintage typography. I love how the use of bright colours on vintage type gives it a more contemporary look.
I have lots ideas too for more modern contemporary invites which I'll be working on soon!
I'll be offering a signature range of invitations that can be digitally or letterpress printed but what I love is bespoke design, something unique! If your interested in hiring me to design your invites for an upcoming event then contact jacqui[at]
Would love any feedback or your thought on wedding invites, do you think invitations are an important part of weddings?
Happy weekend!


  1. oh if i'd have known you 7yrs ago jax & i'd of lept at the change of having some letterpress wedding invites made by you! love the first one in hot pink. very nice :0){ahh whalley..i so fancy a trip up north. my auntie lives not far from there :) } x

  2. Thanks Tanya & bump x

    7 yrs ago I could have done mine too! Oh Hannah if you ever visit we must meet up for a cuppa and a chin wag ;D

  3. i'd so love that! a madden {nee sharples} & sharples meet up hehe! have a super weekend xx

  4. Lovely!! I particularly like the Save the Date card, for some reason.
    AS a letterpress new girl (although old girl) just want to say I have devoured your every word with much interest over the last year, Jacqui. All the info on your other blog has been so helpful to me. Thank you! And keep on doing what you're doing ... your work is beautiful and you'll go from strength to strength.

  5. Thank you Hannah your comment means so much! Jax x


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