Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Watch out for the Rabbat!

I was delighted to be commissioned to do a surprise letterpress print for award winning Brighton author Simon Lelic from his friends to say ‘congrats, we think you’re awesome’. The words above are from his early  ‘...penning pads of juvenile drivel about fantastic worlds and not so fantastic creatures (and BEHOLD, the most terrifying of creatures doth approach: half rabbit, half bat, tis the mighty and fearsome RABBAT!)’.
Simon loved his print set with antique wood and metal type and sent me a picture looking ’slightly mad-eyed!’ as he put it. A big thank you to Sandra for being an absolute joy to work with and congratulations to Simon for winning the Betty Trask Award!
Read more about Simon on his website, looks like he's one to watch, he's got some great reviews...
‘There’s a buzz in the publishing world about Simon Lelic’s debut novel, Rupture . . . [Lelic] is set for literary stardom.’ — The Times Magazine


  1. fab print jax! & what a great commission to be asked to do! x

  2. i love the way the type you've selected emphasizes the drama of the words, gorgeous colours too. great stuff well done!

  3. Thank you! It was a fantastic to be asked and I love the words, being able to express the drama in typography, glad you noticed Alison ;o) I have to admit I had some very scary images of a Rabbat in my head by the time I'd finished!


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