Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Website now live!

Back from a relaxing time on the Aegean island of Kos just wish some of the sunshine had come home with me! While I download my holiday snaps just thought I let you know that my website is now live! Still some pages to update and the pics to add to the gallery but so glad it's finally up and running.
The site has been developed by a friend in Wordpress which makes it easier to update, so no need for mind boggling coding!
Not sure if the gallery pics are a little too big when you view the slideshows so would love your feedback...


  1. ooh you lucky thing! hope you had a lovely time :) your website is smashing! x

  2. It looks wonderful Jax I love the whole look and feel of the site :). I like your flyer for the Central Hall exhibition (it was timely reminder!)
    slideshow images are a wee bit big for my laptop screen

  3. Thanks Hannah just now to get out of holiday mode and attack 4 suitcases of washing ;D
    Thanks Alison thought they might be too big, on my to do list ;D
    I better get in gear for Central Hall will be here before we know it!

  4. Hi Jax - congrats on the site - looks great. The pics in the gallery are a little larger than what I'm used to when using that slideshow feature but, I think the larger the better!

  5. Looks beautiful and straightforward to use - perfect! Gallery pics are fine on my screen (except for the studio shot). Having this up and running will help you through any post holiday blues (hopefully) - doesn't get the washing done though!

  6. Thanks Tanya I like them bigger too but might cause problems on a smaller screen if the user is unsure how to get back to the site and can't see the close button. One thing I have learnt is make things idiot proof ;D

    Thanks Hannah though I'm never happy with anything I do for myself! Doesn't get any printing done either ;D

  7. Your site looks wonderful, really like the way it looks and works. Congratulations!


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