Monday, September 12, 2011

Saltaire Arts Trail: Festival Special

My stall at the Saltaire Makers Fair. Fantastic building and an amazing day, lovely to catch up with friends old and new. The Kelsey got plenty of attention with people printing a manicule (pointing finger) on postcards and lots of interest in forthcoming workshops.
Didn't have chance to practice my layout for the stall so just thought I'd try a vintage suitcase as a print browser. Need to work on my layout for next time as everyones else's looks so neat and tidy! Anyway had lots of sales so folks must have liked it and the display boards behind are a real bonus. Going to have to make some of my own for future events.
Check out the Saltaire Arts Trail blog for more pics of the event


  1. I totally understand what you mean by practicing the layout for your stall. I recently 'launched' a new stall layout for my photographic prints - and it is so time consuming and there is always a better way of cramming more stuff onto your pitch and/or making it more appealing.

    I think your stall looks great from the picture you posted and the retro look created by the old luggage case and wooden boxes looks superb - all complemented by the Kelsey printing press. What a brilliant idea to let people have a go at the press - brings potential purchasers of your work so much closer to the process that results in the finished product you are asking them to buy.

    Love it and hope to be able to catch up with you one day at a show you're at!

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks Andrew, I think larger item like prints are so hard to display is such a limited area! The display board behind help enormously, just another huge thing to transport though ;)
    I didn't want people to be afraid to have a rummage so think the more rustic approach worked. Just trying to find a happy medium between not too messy and not too perfectly laid out that people wouldn't dare touch anything if you get what I mean?
    Taking the Kelsey works as a great ice breaker too, plus they get to take a little memento and my card home with them ;)
    Hope we meet up one day!


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