Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Neil Derrett Photography

At the BA Honours degree show I fell in love with these prints from Neil Derrett but wanted to wait till everyone was back off the holidays to share. They looked amazing printed large format on panels and reminded me of the National History Spirit Collection I saw on Hannah Nunn’s blog. Here's an exert from Neil’s exhibition statement...
Daguerreotype or Wet Plate Collodion 
The Wet Plate process requires coating glass plates with a series of different chemicals within the confines of a darkroom or box. The first is coating the plate with collodion, a sticky substance that allows the plate to be sensitised with silver nitrate. The plate is then loaded into the camera and exposed to light (capture subject(s), all before the plate dries within 20 minutes. Then the plates are processed and fixed with chemicals that can be extremely dangerous if not handled with care, such as Potassium Cyanide. To finish, the plates are varnished on the front and sprayed black on the reverse to produce the 3D mirrored appearance.I enjoy the craft, considered approach and tactile nature of producing imagery in this process.The images produced for this exhibition have been inspired from nature, seeking out organic sculptures and combining the Wet Plate process, producing an eclectic mix of both considered and accidental imagery.
Sounds such an interesting process don't you think? Something I would love to have a go at, even the plates themselves are a thing of beauty!
If you would like any more information, even a print for your self like me or would like to stock prints in your gallery then please email Neil at this address


  1. Hello lovely,

    Thanks for the mention. They are indeed absolutely beautiful. We went to the V&A last year and saw the camera less photography exhibition which was awe inspiring. I've been meaning to have a go at some cyanotypes. I bought the chemicals and everything and was waiting fr the summer is going...oh such a busy life!

    I love that spirit collection. I had a comment form a natural history curator trainee on that post and his blog is gobsmacking. The things he gets to see and photograph are amazing! check him out, especially the post labelled 'collections'.

    take care xxx

  2. Thanks for the link Hannah, amazing collections! x
    PS good luck with the book ;)

  3. Beautiful .. and rather spooky!

    Thanks also for introducing me to Hannah Nunn's gorgeous lamps - definitely on the the wish list.

  4. Yes, these are good, they're my father's. However, you've spelt our last name wrong. It's Derrett not Derret. Many thanks, R Derrett.

  5. Yes I know it's wrong he did say it matter for the watermarks thanks Jacqui

  6. breathtakingly beautiful !


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