Thursday, October 06, 2011

Crack open a bottle...

Thanks you for all your feedback, grey was the winning vote, by a mile! Did try a slate grey but chose a lighter one which balanced with the red instead of overpowering it.

A few hiccups along the way... ;D
Will be available to buy from my shops soon...


  1. I love the 'hiccups' - now was that before you opened the bottle of red or not?

    And how the 'I' - the neck of the bottle is slightly slanted. It looks like one of those
    J.P. Chenet bottles with the slightly crooked necks which I believe is a traditional method of making wine bottles.

    All good stuff and love your work.

  2. perfect! it suggests years of careful study of the subject:) I like the texture on the bottom square block, is that the end grain of the wood or saw marks?

  3. Love it!!! ...hic..
    And fantastic 'product shot', Jax (mildly obsessed with this topic at the moment, as you know!)

  4. Thank you folks x
    Oh yes years of study of gone into perfecting the subject and I never did like wasting a bottle once it was opened ;o)
    @ Alison yes its the end grain, I love the texture too will have to use it some more!


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