Monday, November 21, 2011

Penguin threads

Love the new Deluxe Penguin Classic book covers designed by Jillian Tamaki simply stunning!
You can read more about Jillian's dream job and look behind the scenes from initial sketches to photographing the finished work on Jillian's blog here and here.
My dream job would have to be designing a book cover or even an album cover!
What would your dream job be?


  1. They are stunning aren't they! Letterpress and print are so *in* right now that if I were you I'd be sending out sample packs to publishers - you never know...

  2. Your right Gretel I should, just need to muster up some courage ;D

  3. I really think you should; it may seem like a scary thing, but publishers are always on the lookout for things. Go for it! :)


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