Friday, January 06, 2012

Kraft CD cases

Happy New Year folks! The lead up to Christmas was manic and was glad when I could take a few days off and spend some time chilling with the kids, watching movies and eating too many chocs ;)
Just catching up posting jobs printed before Christmas, before my work load starts piling up again, who said January was quiet month!
Double CD cases, slate grey ink on kraft, simple but very effective! The slate grey ink was made by mixing with a transparent white which gives a similar effect if you were to multiply a layer in photoshop. Has to one of my favourite inks colours to use instead of black, blends with the kraft so well.
Printed for the lovely Paul at who was so sweet and patient in the Christmas chaos! Paul did a photo shoot in an amazing derelict mansion which you can see here. So sad to see a building so beautiful left to rot! To have rooms with such amazing windows, dream on...
Here's to 2012 and wishing all your hopes and dreams come true for the new year x


  1. I love transparent white! I add it to nearly every colour even if it's just a tiny bit.

  2. great design, love the grey on kraft combination :)

  3. Thanks very much Jacqui, saves me blogging it now :-p

    Thanks again for all of your hard work, the cases are superb. A few other photographer friends are very interested in your work as well :)


  4. I'm with you Sabrina ;) and thanks Alison!
    Cheers Paul it was a pleasure ;D
    Yeh! had a few enquiries already!


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