Saturday, April 28, 2012

Letterpress CD cases for Jessica

A few weeks ago I printed some CD cases for Jessica, I just thought I would share the process...
Jessica already had a website and blog and wanted the packaging to compliment her branding, we worked together to get the final design that would work both for letterpress and the branding. 
The following proof I take with with me to the workshop as it has all the info I need when printing from mixing the colours to positioning the plates on the press.
The artwork then has to be 100% black and split for colour to be made into plates, the solid band was a whopping 27cm long!
The plates ready to be locked up in position, that's the fiddley part!
The first colour to be printed is the dusky pink, note there's a bleed either side so there's a neat finish when they are folded. The warm grey goes on next which has to be spot on register. A circle in a circle, slightly off register and it will look just plain messy!
I always make up a couple of cases to make sure all looks perfect
Letterpress is best left simple to make the best impression.
Printed letterpress in 2 colours on 250g recycled white card


  1. That's lovely delicate work. It's that bite into the paper that's the real joy of letterpress, isn't it? Beautiful.

  2. Thanks Rich and yes your right ;) This job was a new one for me one colour on top of another, can't bite in with both on 250g! A delicate touch was needed on the pnk
    Thanks for stopping by ;)

  3. Looks great, Jax - beautifully done! Did you struggle with the registration? That's where I can come unstuck - mysteriously, sometimes halfway through a run it all goes a bit off!!

  4. Thanks Hannah x No apart from the occasional paper misfeed! Sounds like maybe your gauge pins have moved?

  5. I wonder if delivery to Brazil?
    I loved his work and would like to make my packaging with you!
    My email is
    I await your contact.
    Thank you


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