Saturday, May 19, 2012

vinegar & brown paper

Well there has been a total lack of posts on this blog! Time for catch up! Saltaire was fantastic and so many people came to say hello it warmed the cockles of my heart ;) So many talented designers and makers it was good to meet the faces behind them and catch up with old friends too. Though there wasn't much time to leave my stand and I had no chance of visiting the open houses. Gutted! But yeh! for sales!
Andy Poplar the creative behind vinegar & brown paper called to say hello as he has an Adana so has been busy printing business cards and beer mats. That's how we all started Andy, watch out the collection grows ;) Andy was exhibiting in the open houses so I didn't get to see all of his work but it's my cup of tea, here's a selection of ideas etched in glass
We’ll be both be at Art market in June so I’m ordering my bottle of creative juices now before he sells out! Or maybe winning formula or fighting spirit the list goes on... Definitely need some elixir of youth! Give me litres of the stuff ;)

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