Friday, June 01, 2012

Poster Cards

Some times problems you face when designing can lead to the development of new products. so thought I would share... (basically it's me talking to myself ;-)
So here I am with tonnes of wood type which is too big to use on standard size greeting cards! One solution is to overlap the letters like my Marvellous MUM or Fab Dad cards but this still has his limits. I also think what a waste of valuable printing space is a standard folded card and what do people do with them afterwards, throw them, stick them in a keepsake box they are quite small to frame?
The solution to print a large post card that can be framed!
So I've come up with the name POSTER CARD a play on the word Post Card but unlike a post card this will have an envelope but you will still write on the back. Also it's the maximum size of that you can send as a letter in the UK to keep postage costs down but will fit a standard 8" x 6" photo frame.
I then hit the problem that when packaged you can't see my branding as you can with a folded card. Solution for the time being was to insert a small label.
I can't decide whether it needs some more info on the back of the card or not? What do you think, will people that receive it need telling that it can be framed?
I did think about having lines on the back for writing a message but decided people could be more creative without!
I also thought about instead of the label I could print the envelopes which solves the problem of having to have a label and also informs the recipient too! BUT it doesn't haven't all the other info on like how it's made, my logo etc. which people like to know! Will be way to crowed with all that on but it does save paper printing on the envelope...
So still work in progress and your thoughts as usual will be very much appreciated!  You may think I'm being far too finicky but from past experience people like the little details and plus some people are just plane daft! ;-)


  1. This is a great idea! I really like your label and would definitely keep it on the packaging. I have family that travels alot and we get acres of post-cards that we just toss in a draw when the fridge runs out of room. This would be a wonderful way to keep them around.

    Well done!

  2. Yeah, great idea! The label is good, too. All in all a lovely thing.

  3. Great idea. I like the label and its info, too. All in all, a lovely thing.

  4. Thanks Tieson & Rich just shows usually the first ideas are the best but I can't help tinkering ;-)

  5. Give your wood type to me – dilemma solved...

  6. haha ;o) Nice one John and not on your nelly ;-)

  7. I'm french si scuse me of i don't exactes
    Understand all your questions!
    Poster card are great idea but i think
    You should put you're logo and every information
    About you on the back of the card
    And on the enveloppe. People who buy
    Printed cards are proud of it and are of t'en
    Ok to make you're publicity...sorry for m'y english ! J'aime
    Beaucoup ton travail!

  8. Bonjour Gaelle ;)
    Your English is much better than my French! ;)
    Yes I understand all you have said and totally agree. I will also sign the front of the cards and print a blind impression (no ink) with my logo.
    je vous remercie pour vos aimables paroles
    Hope that translates into... thank you for your kind words ;)
    Jax x

  9. Oh what an awful text! I-phone is not my friend! Thanks for the ad on Facebook.
    I read another time you're post, so you can also use a sort of "punch" or "a seal" like chinese painter do. Than the recepient can frame it and you're information is still visible. And for "tonnes of wood type which is too big to use on standard size greeting cards" maybe you can exceeding the scope. I'm not shure how to say... I like this sort of composition, when we guess the text!
    I'm happy to read you beacause Letterpress is not enough present in France
    for the time being...But I work on it! Oh & you're website design is really beautiful!

  10. These are great, Jax! I think keep the label but put the 'pin it etc' line on the back of the card rather than the envelope.

  11. Yes Gaelle you are right we can sort of punch a seal, that is what I do with all my prints ;)
    Thank you glad you like the website! When I started printing letterpress there was not many in the UK either, now irt has grown huge, you can be the first of many in France ;)

    Thanks Hannah! Yes I agree going to put it on the card and keep the label. Asked a few friends and they said the same ;) xxx


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