Sunday, July 22, 2012

Logo design

When Vanessa approached me to print her CD cases with her logo, it was crying out for a real identity! Many people are under the misconception that your name set in a typeface is a logo, when really a logo is an identifying symbol or mark that represents your brand. Vanessa is lovely and kindly trusted me with her re-brand. She wanted something simple and after reviewing her old blog and the way she shoots I came up with a new logo and a strapline. What's a strapline? In simple terms it's a short, catchy, easy to remember  phrase that represents your brand. It should encapsulate everything about you that will in turn strike a chord with your target audience. Can be used in conjunction with your logo or on it's own. Simple!
Above shows how adaptable the new design can be. The CD cases were printed letterpress with the website on the back and some thank you notes, which I love, in a paler version of the grey using just the logo bleeding off the edge. The logo worked perfectly for round MOO stickers to use on packaging, great way of getting your brand out there! As well as providing vector artwork for print, I also supplied Vanessa with web ready jpgs for her website and facebook cover plus a watermark brush for her photos. I think the black and white photographs work really well on website combined with the logo and Vanessa also got a logo guide with all the colour values converted for web, she has developed her site using just the two colours to keep her branding consistent.
Wow that's a long post for me! Hope you found it interesting? I just wanted to show that even on a budget a small business can look professional by getting their logo right at the first hurdle. As the company grows Vanessa can use the logo for other things, I think it would look fabulous as repeat pattern for her packaging, don't you? Her own branded tissue paper! Lovely!
Would also like to say a big thank you to Vanessa for visiting me at Saltair, she's so lovely and I think the design suits her to a T! Check out her website
Check out Vanessa lovely pics sh took here on her blog, much better than mine ;) This is my favourite...


  1. Nice logo design!It simply looks so cool and awesome..I like it...

  2. Nice and such a creative logo design work... I like it and wanted to share it.


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