Sunday, September 09, 2012

Wedding Inspiration English Garden

So as I mentioned on the last blog post there was a sudden change of plan for the photo shoot which had now changed to a Romantic English Garden. Helen from 7th Heaven had organised two gorgeous sample bridal dresses for the shoot and a bridesmaid dress in the fresh mint green. Inspiration for the colour scheme came from one of my favourite vintage plates and an old oil painting I found in a junk shop which was perfect for a vintage postcard. My new found friend and florist Joanne, aka Fletcher & Foley, had some fabulous old silver items for the flowers and we both love succulents, ok they are not an English garden flower but they add a nice modern twist to a vintage feel! Here my lovely new friends working on the shoot Foley Photography //  Fletcher & Foley // Ice-Cream Dub // Fudemental // 7th Heaven Bridal // Pouting in Peep Toes.

Sorry if I'm boring anyone with weddings but hey ho there's even more to come! I’m so lucky to have worked and be working with such lovely couples that make my job even more pleasurable. My only dilemma is what to name the wedding sets!

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