Thursday, October 18, 2012

1930s Letterpress Wedding Invitations

Images source from my Pinterest board 1930s Wedding
I love delving into the past and researching for design. Amy and Peter asked to create their 1930s inspired wedding stationery, my brief was Fred & Ginger and champagne saucers. Plus Amy's grandmother had been a war bride and the only piece of stationery from her wedding was a letterpress card that was given with the cake similar to this.
The 1930s was a period of extremes from the great depression and World War II to the huge boom in radio and motion pictures. Going to the movies was an escape from life's daily struggles and for a brief moment you could escape into a glamorous and romantic world. In the black and white films they had to use lots of texture to create contrast so feathers, shiny silk and sparkles where found in abundance. In the early 30s white was a trend colour in fashion, interiors and if you were rich, a white car. This led to off-whites and soft pastels becoming popular, glamourise even more by the satin gowns worn by the Blond Bombshell.
Typography in the 1930s was still heavily influenced by Art Deco which can be seen in these fantastic movie stills here. It was amazing, with a bit of research, of how many fonts I held that were designed in this period or a modern interpretation such as Kaufman Script, MonoLine, Hardwood and Mona Lisa to name just a few. Geometric sans serifs influenced by the 1920s Bauhaus movement such as Kabel,  Futura and Gill Sans were introduced but not typical of the 30s.
Amy & Peter have kindly let me post about the progress so far. A selection of Save the Dates were designed and the final design is below. Simple, elegant and they are going to look amazing die cut and printed letterpress in pewter ink. Pictures coming soon!


  1. Loving these, Jax!! What a fabulously glamorous brief. Can't wait to see them printed up!

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    2. Thanks Hannah x My first die cut too! Amy has been amazing and giving me total free range on the design. I love the 30s, makes me want to get married again and buy a Jenny Packham dress ;) x


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