Saturday, June 22, 2013

Just the ticket...

letterpress packaging
Letterpress business card vintage-trimmer
It's been a mad couple of months, finally catching up taking pics of what I've been up to... First is the lovely Leanne who came to me wanting some packaging for Blooming Lovely Films. I had an idea for business cards which we both loved, remember the vintage trimmer above, well finally it came in handy, turned out to be just the ticket! (sorry, couldn't resist ;)
Grab some popcorn and pay a visit to
Some feedback from Leanne about her cards
“Oh my god I love them! The business cards are the muts nuts! Thank you SO much jax you're a star! Xx”
Leanne you make me laugh :D Made me remember a long time ago I design some self promotion in the form of a bottle of red, you can see it HERE if you want a giggle, one day I might draw a better pair of grapes ;-)


  1. Love, love, love those business cards - you're so darn clever! x

    1. thanks Hannah x (better stick to graphics and stay away from drawing ;)


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