Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tea party invite

Roses are red... rubine red in this case! Printed letterpress on thick 700 micron kraft board for a lovely vintage feel


  1. Delicious, Jax! Makes me feel all summery (which is more than the weather is doing - off to Cornwall next week for the great British seaside holiday - I'm packing my wellies!)x

    1. thanks Hannah! x
      We must be having a bit of luck in the North been like a sweatbox in the studio, too hot for a Northern lass like me,] used to the cold ;) I LOVE Cornwall lucky you, hope the sun comes out to play and you don't use those wellies! x

  2. Thanks, Jax - rain or shine, Cornwall is just magical isn't it!
    (btw - hope you got your hard drive sorted out ok - what a huge pain in the bum!!!)


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