Saturday, February 07, 2015

my funny valentine

Hey I'm so last minute for Valentine’s Day, only a week to go. At least I'm a year early for next year!
I had a play at hand lettering the word love and hello while ago (7 months!) where does time go! I'd forgot all about them, so I thought refined it in illustrator as a vector, see I was trying to be organised! Letterpress impression works best when's there's room to breath and I just could find a font that I was happy with, pleased how this turned out! So this was a little last minute and I'd had enough of mushy love and felt like a laugh, well I think it's funny ;)
I also loved how it printed as a blind de-boss (no ink) so I went into refined and elegant mode too! A woman of many faces!
There’s a list of things I could put after Love you...
...even though you pick your nose
...wear big gigantic knickers
got any you could add for a laugh? (go on give me a giggle haha) If you make me laugh I'll send you a card in the post!
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  1. These are great Jacqui! I love the delicate look to it that leads you in for a shock. :-) I just about made Valentines Day this year so am now learning my lesson and thinking about C******s in February...

    1. haha I like a little shock tactic ;)
      Don't mention the C word!! arghhh! x


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