Wednesday, April 07, 2010

How good is this!

One Little Bird Studio has inspired me to get mixing some transparent inks and create soft colours and patterns but what I'm up to will remain a secret for now ;)
But how good is this! you can create your own fabric designs and there's no minimum quantity, Leanda at One Little Bird Studio has just got her swatches back of her fabric for sale, lovely....

What a great idea for a personlised special gift, the possibilities are endless, hmmm copious amounts of wood letter fabric :-)
I'll let Leanda tell you all the details here


  1. A big thank you Jax for this lovely little piece about my work... (blush). I thought I was following this blog (I am now) but it was your other one, otherwise would have stopped by sooner :) Have to mention that the 'letterpress' numbers are digitally created, but can't wait to see what your transparent inks produce. And the fabrics should be amazing!! xx

  2. How lovely!!! I adore those muted tones in the numbers! Can't wait to hear what you are up to!


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