Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A to Z Letterpress Poster

While I was printing a promised wood type specimen I thought I would do one highlighting the A-Z for my 4 year old's bedroom. The printed area is slightly bigger than A3 so pretty big but will fit an Ikea Ribba frame, going to try some in my shop, what are your favourite colour combinations or should I do them multi coloured... help!


  1. I think this is beautiful Jax and I love the idea of just the A & Z in a different colour. But multi-coloured would be great too!! :)

  2. hi jax, fab print & i really like the colour combo too! i'm trying out some printing today & i can't decide what colours to choose either!! don't know about you but when i get stuck for colour inspiration i find grabbing paint colour charts helps ;0) han x

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the green and orange... how about a similar colour way but muted - thinking about eau de nile green..very retro. Like your blog!

  4. Thanks for you inspiring comments!
    Leanda - I think I'll stick with the highlighted A-Z ;)
    Hannah - great idea will pick some up!!
    Hi Katherine love your blog too - very funny :) love eu di nile, painted my bedroom in it!! Will try muted retro too :)

  5. Hi Jax. nice to hear from you. Had missed that Etsy page but glad to hear I was there! Blogs looking good!x


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