Friday, May 07, 2010

Folksy Friday in the Garden

My garden is looking a little neglected better get on top the weeds before they take over! I love these  VINTAGE FRENCH SEEDS LAVENDER SACHETS which reminds me to prune my lavender it's looking rather woody! These white TRADITIONAL CERAMIC PLANT LABELS are great, frost free and reusable much nicer than horrid plastic ones! A necessity when you use canes, TERRA-COTTA CANE TOPPERS, if don't want to poke your eye out! This would be handy, MINI-MARKET APRON, never can remember where I put things and it turns into a little bag, neat! Beautifully made and packaged WALNUT FLOWER PRESS from London Clay Birds, pressed flowers could great source of inspiration for some linocuts, hmmm :) WOOD SEED TRAYS made from wood off cuts would look lovely with some little terra-cotta pots & herbs. Wish I had some room for some chickens this BEACH HUT CHICKEN COUPE is so sweet! This BEE HOTEL is great for solitary bees such as Mason Bees or Leafcutter Bees, which are non aggressive and excellent for pollinating in the garden, and other bugs will love it too!
Now all I need is some sun! Pretty please!
Have a lovely weekend everyone :)


  1. I am besotted with that hen house, the blue and white is so striking and I think looks nicer than the all-in-one plastic ones.

  2. Lovely selection, hand printer is right the hen house is lovely, no room in my garden. I really like the apron.


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