Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Packaging design

Not to much playtime (printing) at the moment only several weeks left at uni so lots of essay writing going on, but I do love making things, so I really enjoyed the packaging brief for a brand extension.
I did manage to integrate some letterpress with wood type that I printed and scanned, lucky for me I had wood type that was a near enough match to the logo.
Came up with a solution for making it look like a real foil by printing on SAFMAT which I then stuck onto tinfoil, looks pretty realistic I thought, fiddly little suckers to make but fun :) All those years watching Blue Peter do come in useful!
Hard to photograph foil and I'm not happy with the pics, think I'll try taking them again!
Can't wait for the end of my second year then I can get some serious printing done, lots of ideas, role on June :)

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