Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Keighley Arts Factory Saturday 26th June

I'll be crossing the border into Yorkshire on Saturday to join fellow crafters having a Folksy get together at the Keighley Arts Factory. There'll be two free workshops for Folksy folk, Batik run by Joe and Letterpress, run by me ;o)

The Arts Factory will be open to the public 10am - 3pm and there'll be a wonderful selection hand made goodies for sale from designer/makers...

Why not make a day of it, there's lots of wonderful places to visit in around Keighley, I'm really looking forward to meeting everyone and tasting Joes' cakes ;o)

See you there!


  1. hope it goes fantastically well for you over the border!

  2. Thanks Lisa, can you not make it?
    He he! sounds like I'm going miles, only 40 mins away ;o)

  3. good luck with the workshops!

  4. Thanks Tanya, only a short taster, 13 people, 3 presses and only one hour ;D


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