Thursday, June 24, 2010

Busy bee!

Lots of printing this week, second edition of wake up and smell the ink now printed and hopefully the ink will dry on my bags in time for Saturday's Folksy hand made market!
Printing on fabric is fun, just got to remember to do the letters the right way ;o) a little weird doing each letter at a time, so use to setting them up on the press!
Hmmm... looking at that 'T' in tea & cake and me thinks it needs to move down a little, think I'll do them in colour too.
Don't you just love that letter T? wish I had more of the alphabet...


  1. are your wake up prints ready to me sold on etsy i have been waiting impatiently for one of these :)

  2. you have been a busy little bee :-)
    the prints all look great! loving your bold tea & cake bag design x

  3. Hi Narelle - yeh! finally did them, need some rollers for the proof press over 100 runs through the press, hand ink every one, got muscles like Arnie ;D will email you x

    Thanks hannah, I'm growing fond of it too :) though ink still not dry.. live and learn ;o)


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