Friday, June 04, 2010


I mentioned some soap packaging I was designing in a post here well I won the pitch and I've finished the first range and also took all the photos for the website, pretty please with myself as to how they turned out, here are just a few...

No fancy lighting, no studio, just my north facing front garden (northern light's the best for pics), a chair and a big sheet of white paper. There are lots of tips on taking your product shots on the net but here are a few from Haptree that are well written and will have you taking better pics in no time... Photography tips also also here on the Folksy blogI use this method Using natural light when I can't get outside because of the weather!

I'm pleased to say Soapure has now opened a Folksy shop and you can view more of her lovely products here, they are divine and smell good enough to eat, the body butter is great for your feet too ;o


  1. well done you! they look really gorgeous! x

  2. your packaging & photos are fab and the products look divine.

  3. Thanks ladies :)
    She has had a sale on her second day and already got 17 people liking her shop!! Giving myself a pat on the back ;o)

  4. Really lovely packaging and photos. Am off to take a look at her shop on Folksy...

  5. Thanks J - lovely to hear from you
    jax x

  6. Hi Jax,

    I was next to this lady at the fair I did in Chorley, someone commented on the packaging and she was singing the designers praises, little did i know it was you!!!


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