Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wake up and smell the ink!

I love to print, it makes me happy!
2nd edition, limited print run of 30 but this time I've printed it on A3 and in brighter colours, on a off white recycled 150g, if this doesn't wake you up nothing will :)

Now available in my Folksy & Etsy shops


  1. Not sure if you realize, or if it was intentional but your etsy price is $20 and your Folksy price is £20, so the etsy price is dramatically reduced!

  2. Jax, I am awake now! ;) I am thinking about doing a linocut, but just one colour. Hopefully it goes well...

  3. THANK YOU She Draws!!! now amended must not have had my dollars head on, trying to do too many things at once :)

    Sabrina I know now it will be fabulous ;D

  4. love the 'kick off your bedsocks' hehe! fab print! xx

  5. thanks Hannah - i only wear them in winter ;D


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