Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Super Duper Blackpool


Had a wonderful day in Blackpool despite the miserable weather, breaking the glass on one of my framed prints while packing the car and running late! It was so busy I didn't get much time to leave my table to say hello to fellow crafters and forgot to take any pics, didn't even take one of my own table!
I was overwhelmed with the wonderful response from the visitors interest in letterpress and the kids enthusiasm for taking a souvenir impression on my Kelsey 8x5, their little faces lit up when when they pulled a print and one little boy asked me so many questions and even where to buy one, oh what joy :D
A wonderful surprise was a visit from Mr & Mrs Coffee and family, Mr. Coffee has been bitten by the letterpress bug so we had a lovely chat and Mrs Coffee aka The Coffee Lady kindly let me use her picture of my stall. Do check out her blog, I love her sense of humour, wish I could write like that!
Due to the never ending rain the band cancelled, much to my 4 year old's dismay, he had his air guitar all ready to rock and roll! But not one to be out done, he got on the band stand and starting singing and was then joined by a wee scottish lass who stole his thunder by singing Chitty Chitty Bang Bang all the way through, wish I could have seen it ;o)

I met some lovely talented people so I'll post about them soon meanwhile you can see more pics from the fair over at the Super Duper Itsy Bitsy Handmade Fair Blog
Did anyone else take pictures or come say hello, if so please leave a comment it would be great to hear your thoughts :)


  1. Your table looks great! And what a cool tent! I wish they would use tents here as well! Love the part of the air guitar you wrote. Ha ha!

  2. wow your prints look fantasic I really like the colours you use, btw has your print arrived yet from Tasmania ?
    Narelle x

  3. your display looks super duper too! xx

  4. Sabrina the tents were fab even had posh seagrass on the floor and you should here him sing sooo funny ;D

    Thanks guys, table was only 4'x2' so all a bit squashed!

    Narelle yes! I love it :)

  5. looks and sounds great! My friend bought me your "Wake up and smell the ink" print, I love it! very so happy and positive.... those bed socks are kicked off!

  6. Thanks Lisa! So happy you like it ;D

  7. You're very lovely. It was good to see you.

  8. I was pleased you came - made my day :)

  9. Hi Jax! It was really nice to meet you at the Super Duper Fair! Your stand looked fantastic and it was a really good day even though it rained so much! I'm really loving your "wake up and smell the ink" print it's so colourful! - Your work is so nice!


  10. Hi Alison
    Was lovely to meet you too, now following your blog ;)


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