Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Let's bake cake!

I have got to admit I'm pretty rubbish when it comes to baking and need more practice and often resort to giving up and buying cakes but they do taste soooo good when you make them yourself even if mine don't look too pretty :o)
Inspired by my kids' encouragement to bake more, a love of vintage kitchenalia and the retro colours of Cath Kidston each print has been lovingly printed on an antique press using vintage wood letters, ornaments and borders.
I love to split for colour on the Farley proofing press, it's a bit like doing a jigsaw finding the correct filler blocks!

Prints now available in my Etsy and Folksy shops

The eggs are from my neighbours free range chickens and they're huge and very tasty, anybody got a delicious easy recipe that I can use them in and can't mess up :o)


  1. love that!!! Great border ornaments! I am looking forward to print posters on my proof press soon :) It's fun! Did you hand ink, and have you done it on your Adana HQ?

  2. love this print jax! will look great hanging on the wall in any kitchen! x

  3. love this print jax! this would look great hanging on the wall of any kitchen! xx

  4. sabrina - Yes I have to hand ink, it was printed on the big Farley proofing press and it needs new rollers! Lots of money! Can't wait to see your posters ;)

    Hannah - thank you! trouble is everytime I see It want to eat cake ;o)

  5. Hia love this print, think my kitchen is in need of one! A really simple recipe for cakes is -
    1. Weigh your eggs (2 for a loaf style cake or 3 for a sandwich)
    2. Weigh out the same weight in margerine, caster sugar, and self raising flour.
    3. Cream the marg and sugar
    4. Add the eggs one by one with a bit of the flour, sifted, until everthing is mixed.
    5. Add any flavourings
    6.Cook at about 180 degrees celcius for approx 25-30mins until a skewer comes out clean.

    Happy baking, this recipe was my nans and has never let me down yet!

  6. Thanks Amyrose I shall try it, sounds easy enough not for me to mess up!
    and than you so much for buying my print. I'm off to pack it for you now ;)

  7. Love the print ;) I prefer eating cakes to baking them though!

  8. here here! love your print, anything that encourages more cake is fab in my book! love the colours too!

  9. Thanks for your lovely comments :)
    Will be trying a few recipes, we'll see if I dare post pics if the kids don't eat it first!


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