Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Armitt

Herbert Bell Original Photographs printed in 1880
I'm neglecting my blog recently but hopefully things be a little quieter in a few weeks...
In the morning I'm off to the Lake District with other students to The Armitt at Ambleside to do some research. It's is the home to 100s of photographic glass slides from the Abraham Brothers, 450 original natural history watercolours by Beatrix Potter, work by Kurt Schwitters plus numerous books, art and objects related to famous people and the history of Ambleside.
What a lovely place to go and do some research, much better than being sat in uni ;D


  1. it sounds fascinating - have a great day

  2. sounds like it will be a fab day out tomorrow then :0) lucky thing! it's beautiful up there isn't it & this time of year will be stunning! happy researching ;0)

  3. Fascinating day and stunning scenery to boot, even in the rain ;D

  4. have fun in the lakes! i bet it rains!

  5. Have a fantastic time! We were there last month and the scenery is to die for!

  6. Kindred Spirit oh yes it rained but the sun came out later, still looks beautiful in the rain ;D

    Lisa, made a pledge to go mre often doesn't take me long to get there, very cloudy so need to go back on a clear day ;D Have you been to Rheged that great for the kids!!


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