Friday, September 24, 2010

drop in workshop

Sorry for the lack of post, back to uni this week on the final year of my degree, lots of intense study!
Good news I'll be at the PAD gallery on Saturday with a selection of table top presses for you to print on, admission is free and you can even bring the kids along.
So if your passing that way please pop in and say hello, but please all don't come at once ;D


  1. good luck for today, wish i was able to 'drop' in ;0) the workshop sounds like fun!

  2. thanks Hannah wish you could have come too! I'll have to start a traveling print workshop, now that would be fun, i could meet all my virtual friends ;D

  3. sounds like a great idea ;0) hope the day went well!

  4. Will you be doing anymore of these in the future?

  5. Hi Mandy I won;t be doing any free workshops that I know of but I will be organising workshops details will follow on the blog or website.
    If you sign up for the newsletter I'll be sending out information as soon as I know

    thanks Jacqui


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