Friday, September 10, 2010

finds for your weekend

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I just LOVE these limited edition prints from Julia Trigg, julia works digitally so not to spoil her wonderful collection on vintage ephemera, a woman after my own heart! She has an exhibition in Brighton which you read about via kickcan and conkers blog!
Don't you just love that name 'kickcan and conkers' reminds me of my childhood ;) Run by Deborah a lovely Yorkshire lass living in the south of France, check out her blog for some lovely inspiration!
Found these while rummaging through her blog...

I'd just buy these for the packaging from Merchant & Mills simply lovely dress patterns too, makes me feel like getting my sewing machine but alas no time!
I love the internet, so much inspiration, too much to put on my blog! I decided use Tumblr as a virtual scrapbook so I can easily post pics I find and remember where I found them, I had a stumbleupon account for a while before I changed my mac, (forgot my login details ;)
All these social network sites make me dizzy, how do you folks record your virtual inspiration...


  1. Thanks for the mention. I use Tumblr too ans I love it!

  2. thanks for the great inspiration, jax! Right my taste!


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