Tuesday, September 07, 2010

display inspiration

Living in an old victorian house with very high ceilings I've always been inclined to hang most of my pictures from a picture rail, the old fashioned way, then I can move my pictures from room to room easily. But this can sometimes be hard to group pictures so I'm loving this idea of picture shelves also pigeon holes would be great for my studio. Photographs from Pottery Barn.
Anybody any idea where I can get the picture shelves from in the UK, the ones from Ikea are too small, maybe I'll have to smile nicely at my other half ;D


  1. Ooh rubber band balls AND numbered compartments. Bliss! :D

  2. I dream of being able to display items like this. Trouble is, I'd need a lady that does, so that I wouldn't have to go around dusting everything myself. B&Q do some, not sure if they're big enough though: http://www.diy.com/diy/jsp/bq/nav.jsp?action=detail&fh_secondid=9796648

  3. You've just given me an idea, thanks!

  4. Hi Jax.
    Saw your comment over on Beautiful Veg.
    Lucky you having a dad with a glut of toms. I'm addicted to roasting toms at the mo and find this is my preferred way to cook and store as they reduced so much in size. You can freeze them but I happily snack on them like sweets so rarely need to. A sprinkle of oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and your favourite fresh or dried herb sprigs should do it. A bit like this...
    ps. lovely blog - I could develop a whole new interest in the wonderful world of the letterpress.

  5. Phatgirl - the dusting thing is the bit I don't like either - thanks for the link ;)

    Kindredspirit - I'm a ebay fanatic, got lots of vintage bargains, never thought of looking there for shelves - thanks!

    Kickcan - that sound interesting, can't wait to see what it is:o)

    nipitinthebug -Thank you!! I'm off to check it out ;D

    sorry for the late reply but blogger has suddenly decided not to notify me my email that I've got comments!! how frustrating!


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