Thursday, September 16, 2010

things {we} make

Claire over at things {we} make very kindly asked me to design a new banner for her blog, the design also needed to be able to fit as a block and be adapted to things {you} make, a new project coming soon, showcasing things people make.
Most important it had to be in letterpress wood type! How could I refuse ;D
Over at things {we} make not only do they grow, cook and make things, Claire take beautiful pictures and check out Eds beautiful wood furniture, my five year old would wreak havoc with that catapult ;D.
If you like cooking and growing your own or make things yourself, go and check out their blog and join in!
How yummy does that brown sugar and yoghurt cake look!


  1. I am intrigued, about to go over and have a look!

  2. Claire is lovely and so is the banner you made her! its fab!

  3. Deborah have you got any French recipes you can share ;D

    Yes Apryl Claire is lovely ;) glad you like the banner and thanks for stopping by my little blog ;D

  4. Ah shucks, you guys! *blushes*
    I have written a wee blog post about this now too.

  5. pretty cool, Jax! Nice banner, I'll visit Claire's site now :)


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