Saturday, October 30, 2010


or the last few weeks I've had by nose buried in books researching for my dissertation but took a little time off to hunt for some odd drawers to make a bespoke printing/storage unit and finally found some, even better my lovely dad has agreed to make the framework! I love my dad ;o) Can't wait to get it finished so I can sort my new wood type and put things where I can find them!
The guy at the junk shop also gave me for FREE a shabby chic Paul De Longpre flower print and stacks of old music sheets in which I found the beautiful hand written prescription from 1842, you can see the reverse of it and more vintage type in my found typography on flickr. Vintage typography is a great source of inspiration for Jessica Hische and I was surprised to read...
“I don’t use any fancy tricks or even a wacom tablet (I hold a pen like a child holds a crayon (in a tight fist that will only catalyze the carpal tunnel)). I use the pen tool to draw all of my type and don’t use any magic tool to make my curves. I usually work with the grid on at first, starting with a single weight line and then adding thickness or ornament later depending on what I’m trying to achieve.”
I’ve always struggled perfecting my curves in illustrator so I'll try using the grid system, you can see the influence of Vintage type in Jessica's Daily Drop Cap I love how she simplifies the letters to make them contemporary. My collection will hopefully inspire some new vintage type collection letterpress cards when I've finished this darn degree!
I'm off to enjoy a sunny walk and getting ready for a Halloween Party, my little one has already dressed up several times, wonder what he wants to be tonight ;o)
Happy Halloween!
ps There are some strange spellings on the hand written prescription, have you spotted them?

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