Friday, November 19, 2010

letterpress quote

Handset wood and metal type printed letterpress into soft 300g somerset cotton, limited edition of 30.
Ansel Adams is best known for his black & white photographs so only fitting that it be printed so, don't you think?
Though a small number have been printed on somerset antique cream, as shown in the frame, thought it just softened the black a little!
Available direct from my little Big Cartel shop or from Folksy or Etsy.
Printed by request for a present, can't say who in case the other half finds out ;o)


  1. we're on the same wavelength again :) you'll see what I mean in a couple of days!

    prints looks lovely. i like the font used for the byline!

  2. our brainwaves must be connecting across the net ;o)
    Thanks Tanya, tried lots of different fonts and they all just didn't look right but then again I don't have a huge amount of lead type, had to borrow one in the end but can't remember the name! Would have liked to have kerned the capital Y but hadn't got the courage to attack my woodtype with a hacksaw!
    Can't wait to see what your up to ;D

  3. Oh my Gosh! I've just read your comment on my blog and it has made me laff! it's a typing error on my behalf which I've just amended! It's Vickers in big Knickers!!! ...not Knockers!! eeee it's 'carry on' up the school! I can hear Sid James laffing now!! sorry :)

  4. it's beautiful. So sorry its been so long since I visited your blog.

  5. i like ur blog ! :)
    is fantastic ! :D
    i very like ur notes !
    more more !!

    if you want follow me and write comment :**

  6. You know I love this one Jax. I am so glad Apryl asked you to print it as now I have received a copy of my very own from my friends Adam and Katie. Going to hang it today. Merry Christmas!

  7. This has been featured on

  8. now it all makes sense! Adam from Derbyshire buying 2 prints ;) Merry Christmas Claire, glad you love it!!
    There a link for things {we/you} make on the right
    thanks for featuring my print jax x


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