Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Managed to get hold of some pictures from the Preston PAD gallery drop in workshop I did way back in September. An extremely rushed large poster, 3 table top presses, 2 trays of wood type, metal type, very sore muscles, lots of lovely visitors but best of all a whole lot of fun!
Unfortunately due to lack of council funding the gallery has had to close and there are many others awaiting to hear their fate, going to be a bad year for the Arts which is very sad news!
If you haven't pledged your support yet or want to know what going to be effected in your area of the UK you can do so here at I value the arts


  1. awesome poster! how sad the gallery has closed-workshops like yours are just what galleries need too. looked like such an enjoyable day getting all inky :0) i hope it re opens very soon!

  2. that looks totally FUN! And a great poster!

  3. would love you to do letter pressing at the next fab places event!!! x


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