Saturday, February 19, 2011

visiting London

I'm off to London Sunday for a couple of days with students for a design conference but will have some free time for sight seeing. Trying to work out where to go but there are so many interesting places I want to see and not the time. Might take a peak at the V&A, then onto The National History Museum (after I saw these on Hannah’s blog). Then there's a Saul Bass exhibition which isn't far from Labour and Wait where I wouldn't mind picking up the letterpress postcards above. I like to walk and find interesting places down little side streets, so a walk round the East End just might be the ticket.
Any other suggestions that you can recommend for inspiration in London?


  1. love these too. great day out

  2. I like all of these. I miss London, and often find myself dreaming of going back to live for a while. If only it wasn't so expensive.

  3. and soo busy! Well it was half term, couldn't find Labour & Wait but got to the Saul Bass and walk round the East End and Covent Garden ;D


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