Sunday, February 13, 2011

playing with my heart

The three table top presses made an appearance at uni on Thursday where we had a stall, to raise money for the end of year show, in which students and staff could print their own valentine card. Take one heart, some lead type and have fun! Forgot to take my camera as I had so much equipment to remember but above are some ideas which kind of remind me of my latest vintage find in the charity shop...

The heart is made up of tiny 12pt border (each square is separate) which reminds me of stitching, don't you think? So many endless possibilities I can use to create patterns for letterpress, here's some inspiration...

1. Vintage cushions from Sukan. 2. Original cross stitch border patterns Modern Folk 3. Welsh tapestry Cushion  Sparrow & Co.  4. Tan-Tan Moroccan rug Anthropologie


  1. Definitely, they look great! Love the inspiration too, i'm always inspired by beautiful textiles and patterns. Thanks for the links :)

  2. oh my goodness. that is downright beautiful. don't you wish you could have a chase for every lock up like that just to keep?!

  3. I love your inspiration board type things!

  4. Your welcome Amanda All the trend this year I'm told ;)
    Tanya thank you, this one is being kept for sure, will have to practise my tying up with string!
    Claire they are fab and all but one on Etsy!

  5. Very creative use of border material. Beautiful work! I am, however, just a little concerned for your chase!! You are using the typically thin walled types common to Kelseys or Adanas. You need to spread that pressure out along the length of those chase walls by graduating your furniture small to large. Your chase will thank you many times over, and you will have many happy years using it. It is traditional practice to do so even with the hefty Craftsman/Kluge chases, which are extremely robust. You can still stretch even these chases out of square and out of level over time.


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