Saturday, April 02, 2011

D&AD entry

D&AD Students Awards Partners Brief. Create a name and brand for a touring art gallery that visits hospitals. Extend beyond the usual elements of a logo, typeface, tone of voice and colour palette.
The end of my degree approaches so things have been a little crazy, I've had 3 live briefs to complete and now it's my Final Major Project. So I'd thought I'd show you what I get up to when not printing letterpress. I really enjoyed creating a concept for this gallery, the name and logo went through many processes before I arrived at a simple result which I hope works on many levels. I was inspired by iphone art of David Hockney and as art to some can seem elitist I wanted the gallery to extend beyond the hospital to the mainstream by being interactive, who knows the next budding Picasso could be out there waiting to be discovered by the people. If you want a read click the pics for a large view.
I've been missing blog land but tried to keep up with all that you’re been up to, so many of you inspire me to keep going when I feel a little lost ;o) Good news, I manage to get my letterpress fix by teaching at Southport college this week, more about that when I can get some pics emailed. I was beginning to get withdrawal symptoms, it felt good to get covered in ink!
Have a lovely weekend all, I'm wishing for some rays of sunshine so I can enjoy some fresh air with my poor neglected family...


  1. tour work looks amazing! good luck with your final major project, your fly it!:)

  2. Wow - great designs Jax - 1st Class BA material methinks !

  3. awh thanks ;D
    Not long to go now and then I'm free!!!!


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